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Bootea Teatox, my experience so far!




Hi lovelies!

Yesterday I recieved this detox tea package and I decided to give it a try today. I like the fact that it has all natural ingredients. It promises to help increase your metabolism, regulate blood sugar levels, improve skin health, improve quality of sleep, cleanse and detoxify and last but not least it can also help you to reach your health/ weight goals.

The only thing I won’t be needing this for is to loose weight obviously, but on the website you can read that this is just to aid you in reaching your goal. If you really want to loose weight you need to exercise as well. It helps suppress your appetite so you won’t feel the need to snack, I personally think that it’s better for anyone not to snack too much.

Anyway, the rest of the benefits sound great. I am always curious about ways to improve my health and try to really think about what I eat. Being a person that loves make-up and taking pictures of my face a lot, I could also use a flawless skin haha ๐Ÿ˜‰


I like the packaging, it looks really inviting!


This is what the tea bag looks like, with the ingredients: Chinese Oolong tea, Ginger root, Fennel seeds, Lemongrass, Ginseng root, Matรฉ Leaves, Dandelion leaf, Gotu Kola and Nettle leaves. Sounds exciting!


And here you go, a nice cup of detox tea. It smells good and it tasted good as well. I was a bit afraid that it would taste a bit bitter but it doesn’t at all! I’m curious about the results I will get ๐Ÿ™‚ I will post an update when the 14 days are over with my personal results/ effects.

If you want more info, ย their website has a lot of answers to any questions you may have –>


xoxo Linda

For all of you health freaks, here are some items I selected ๐Ÿ˜€ You can order them right here ๐Ÿ™‚





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Purple Smoky eye with the Anastasia BH Catwalk Palette

catwalk palette

Hi Lovelies!

With this pictorial I’m showing you how to create a stunning Smoky look. Very wearable during the day as well as the night time! ๐Ÿ˜‰




First off prime your eyelids with your favorite primer. ย Now add the color ‘Day Rate’ mixed with a bit of ‘LBD’ patted on with the fluffy side of the brush that comes with this palette.



Next add a shimmery highlight in the inner corner and on your brow bone. I used ’10K’ for this applied with a fluffy blending brush.


On this picture you can see I added a white liner on my waterline, this is ‘Angel’ from Motives Cosmetics. I also added ‘Call Back’ underneath with the other, thinner side of the brush that comes with this palette.


To give this look an even ‘smokier’ effect I lined my eyes with a kohl liner and faded it a bit using a clean firm blending brush.
Also I used a small detail brush to add a bit of ‘Beauty Mark’ in the crease. Blend this well with a fluffy blending brush.



Last but not least, add your favorite falsies! These are from one of my favorite lash brands: Flutterlashes. If you’re not that into using falsies just add a couple coats of black mascara to your natural lashes. The mascara I used for my bottom lashes is ‘lash me baby’ all in one mascara from BE, a mascara with fibers to add that extra dramaaa ;)).

Thank you for reading and if you decide to try this look don’t forget to tag me, I wanna seee ๐Ÿ™‚


Have a beautiful day! xoxo




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