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Sapphire Green look

Hi Sweethearts!!


Here’s another inspirational look from me. I created this look inspired by the beautiful tikka ( Indian headpiece) that the Modest Collection designed for me. Such an honour am I’m so happy with it!
I was going for something ‘different’ and not a standard Asian type look. Hope you like it!!


sapphire green make up

On my face: Shaped with Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit, Motives Cosmetics foundation ‘Vanilla cream’ with ‘Eclipse’ blusher.
Lips:  ‘Nude’ lipstick with ‘Amazing’ lipgloss also from Motives.



Brows: Done with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in ‘Medium Ash’.
Eyeshadow: Make Up Studio ‘Ivory Gold’ on the entire moving eyelid, ‘Busted’ from the Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 in the crease with ‘Virgin’ from that same palette on the brow bone for a beautiful highlight.
Green Liner: A gel liner in different shades from the Sephora Beauty box, a limited edition last year, I don’t know if they still sell those!
Lashes: Town of lashes ‘Lola’ with House of lashes ‘Darling’ bottom lashes ( love themmm! ).







And another full face pic with my eyes down, I didn’t expect to like this look as much as I did when I was done. While creating it I almostttt took all of the eyemake up off because I thought the green liner was too much, haha. I’m glad I didn’t!!


Check my girl @themodestcollection out on instagram, she sells amazing pieces she designs and creates herself. They are light weight which I love because you can wear them with every type of hairstyle, a huge plus!


Have a beautiful day lovelies!!



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Holland Beauty Awards 2014, plus quick goodie bag review :)



Holland Beauty Awards 2014


Hi Loves!

On Monday the 14th the annual Holland Beauty Awards were held where beauty brands and their nominated beauty products can win an award for best new product of the year.
The winners this year are;

In the category Lips: Clinique, chubby stick intense moisturising lip colour balm Grandest Grape 

Category Eyes: Yves Saint Laurent, Volume Effet faux cils Baby Doll

Category Women’s Perfume: Chloé, seebychloé

Category Men’s Perfume: Dior, Dior Homme Cologne

Category Luxury skin care: Lancome, Advanced Genefiqué

Category Skin care: L’oréal, Skin perfection serum

Category Personal care: Shiseido, Global body super slimming reducer

Category Hair: Toni&Guy, Glamour plumping volume whip

Category Foundation: Chanel, les Beiges

Catgegory Nails: Essie, cuticle oil


Congratulations to all winners!!


Now on to the good part, the goodie bag! lol…











Here is a quick review of the content of the goody bag with some new and amazing products!




First off the Collistar Magica BB Corpo! It has a light and creamy texture and easily blends with my skin tone. On the left hand I used this cream and on the right hand I did not. As you can see it gives a lovely Amber color. This is perfect for sunny days when you’re not that tanned yet or when you just want to even out your skin tone anywhere on your body.



The Pascaud Neck & Decolletage cream is very rich and leaves your skin feeling firm and soft. This is a product that I would recommend you start using when you’re in your early thirties.
It basically makes your thin and vulnerable skin on your neck and your chest/ cleavage extra firm and makes any fine lines less visible.



This is a volumizing cream from Toni&Guy, it lifts the hair from the roots and the texture feels like whipped cream which I’m very enthusiastic about , haha!



This cream shower smells exactly like the original Nivea cream, which I love! I personally really like that typical Nivea scent.



Now for this little cutiepie! The Maybelline baby lips in Pink Punch, the name does it justice because it really is the most pigmented lip balm I’ve ever used! My lips look fuller and feel nice and soft!



I also tested Olaz Essentials Complete Plus with a touch of foundation. It’s pretty creamy but not too thick. It does leave a little bit of shine so you do need some powder as a finish when you use this cream. When you have dry skin this  product would be perfect for you.




This new line from Elvive is especially for Women that have fine hair and would like some more ‘body’.



If you have damaged and/or dry hair you can use the new Dove 60 seconds treatment shot to revive your precious locks! This is definitely a good product for me because my hair is a bit dry because of the use of heat styling tools.



The Kerastase Touche Perfection repares damaged hair and makes split ends less visible. I tried it and it makes my hair feel really silky and slightly thicker.



Nooo Sisley, why such a small package haha! I love Sisley, it never disappoints me! This cream is no exception, it smells minty fresh and it feels really light and fresh on your skin as well.



Yesss Shiseido! Love this perfume so much it smells like fresh flowers and happiness, lol. Definitely something to take with me on a Vacation.



Last but not least the Nivea Cellular anti-age. It says it makes your skin firmer and fine lines less visible and rejuvinates the skin with a formula that speeds up the natural renuwal process.



Hope you like it! The products I haven’t tried yet (the Essie nailpolish and Rituals tinted moisturiser ) I will use later for some new looks/ inspirational pictures!



Click here to buy some of the items you like! 🙂




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Loavies Blogger Box!


Hi Lovelies!!

Yesterday I recieved the Loavies Blogger Box which contains a few items from their summer collection that are not yet available online. This is a taste of the fun stuff to come!
Loavies is an online webshop that ships internationally to most countries in the world, so if you see something you like keep checking the website for when it’s available 😀

Underneath I will post some pics of the super cute content from this box…



First off this t-shirt that has an cute print that says ‘ISCREAM, iceschream Miami’, lol. Plus this statement necklace would be fun to match it with!




These sunnies are actually my facorite type of sunglasses around haha, they are probably the only one’s that actually compliment my face 😛 Most sunglasses don’t like me..




Now check out this watchhh. kind of getting the Rolex feeling with this one, if only! 😛 This necklace is so cute I love the diamond shape of it and the chain is not too long so you can wear them above any type of shirt, perfect! These rings are just perfect to accesorize an outfit with, they are not too appearant but do complete any look you don’t want to over accesorize.  Great for summer!




This jacket though! The texture of the material on the front is a nice touch and I personally love biker style jackets. They are so easy to combine with all types of outfits, also it can give a girly outfit a little edge to it!




Last but not least: Pastel colored nailpolishes in fun colors! I already tried all of them today haha.. I tried the lavender color on one hand and  on the other it got a little crazy and I ended up creating easter nails!



easternailsloavies copy



The nailpolish is semi-matte, not too shiny on it’s own, covers really well even after one coat. On the second image I added a clear topcoat.  As you can see all of the colors are quite bright and warm, the lavender in the top pic is the only one with a cooler undertone.


Let me know what you think! Check out to check out their entire Spring collection! Most of the Summer items are yet to come, but definitely worth the wait!



Underneath is a shoplet where you can easily buy your own Loavies items!! 😀

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Artsy Make up, runway inspired!



Hi Lovelies!

Here is a look that is different from the looks I normally do. But I believe make up is art and therefore you can experiment all you like!
This look is inspired by runway looks that I came across while visiting several fashion webpages. Like the images beneath..


image                            artinspi


I like being different sometimes and try experimental looks like this with my own twist to it!







I used Motives cosmetics ‘Antique Gold’ and applied it ( wet) with an angle brush to create the ‘square’ shape and used a blending brush to apply it all over the lid and towards the outer corner. I swiped it lightly from the outer corner towards the temples. After that I applied ‘Betrayal’ a beautiful purple shade from the Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette to create a liner, also with an angle brush. After that I used a clean blending brush to apply more of the same color in the crease and blend it with the gold a little bit. I also drew a line with the same purple color underneath.

The lashes are from House of lashes ‘Au Naturale’ ( beneath) and ‘Blendy’ ( above). For a playfull effect that compliments this look.

Of course I wouldn’t wear this outside but for a photoshoot or carnaval it’s a great look to stand out from the crowd ;)!



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Lime Green Cut crease: How To

greencutcrease greecutcrease2

Hey Loves!

Already posted this look on instagram but decided to give you all some more information about how to create this cut crease look.

Spring is in the air and lime green is a gorgeous color to make your eyes pop, combined with a dark brown color it can be worn for any event in the evening and night time. If you use a light brown color instead of the dark brown with step 2, it can easily be worn during the day time!!

Below you will see all of the steps, follow the pictures from left to right for the right picture with each step.

foto (1)


Step 1: Draw a line with a brow pencil or brown (non liquid) eyeliner where you want the cut crease to be. I begin under the arch of the brow and draw it towards the inner corner, then draw it outward and slightly up to create an effect that ‘lifts’ your eyes. After that start at the end and draw a line towards the outer corner of your eye.

Tip: When you apply less pressure going inward you will create a thick to thin line, which in my opinion makes it look less harsh.

Step 2: With a detail brush ( a small brush with a lot of firm hairs ) apply the dark or light brown, whichever you prefer and apply it right above the cut crease. After that blend it well with a fluffy blending brush, don’t blend on the cut crease line that will fade it away. Only blend on top towards your brow bone.

Step 3: Add a highlight to your brow bone, use one with a shimmer effect.

Step 4: With a small, flat eyeshadow brush apply the lime green or any other color of your choice. Take your time doing this and try to avoid going over the cut crease line (stay in between the lines! 😛 ). Then use the same brown color underneath your eyes and draw a black line on your waterline.

Tip: When you do go over the cut crease line , use the detail brush and brush over it until it fades.

Step 5: Use a brown liquid eyeliner or a brow gel ( mine is Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Chocolate) and draw a line on your moving eyelid and connect it with the cut crease.

Step 6: Apply mascara or false eyelashes. The ones I used are ‘Pixie Luxe’ from House of lashes. The mascara I used is from Motives Cosmetics.

For steps 1 to 4 I used all Motives Cosmetics products. Leave a comment when you want to know the exact colors/ pencils I used.


Good Luck trying this ladies ( or gents) and stay fabulous! ;))





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