From a young age I had a vivid imagination. Throughout my childhood I could always be found drawing, playing with ribbons (they were mermaids in my mind, of course) or writing short stories. I even created my own comic book characters and comic books.

Later on I went to Graphic school and also studied Fashion and Commerce. A few years later I picked up another study, Law & Human Recources. After getting my degree I worked fulltime for a couple of years, I wasn’t satisfied and started to dream of another career.

With the years I also developed a passion for make-up and inspired by others artists around me I decided to share my looks on Instagram. This is how I first started out and gained my first followers on Instagram. I aspire to offer my followers diverse content with a personal feel to it.

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and where I love to share my beauty tutorials, travels and esthetic images.

I hope you can see the passion I have for creating content and I hope you’ll enjoy it!


XOXO,  Linda

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