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Contour Book / Contour Kit Refills, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Contour book contour kit refills


Yesssss Lord! haha… Anastasia Beverly Hills and her daughter Claudia teamed up to create this amazing ‘ Contour Book ‘ especially for the launch of the new Contour Kit refills.
The refills will be available from the 15th of July on www.anastasia.netΒ . There are 27 refill shades to choose from, in the original Contour Kit were 6 different shades, so there are 21 new shades to be released!

This Contour book contains powders for contouring, highlighting and color correcting ( to even out skintones with various concerns such as discoloration). There is a shade made to match almost any type of skintone so it’s also suited for every ethnicity.


Contour book contour kit refills



Contour book contour kit refills anastasia

Here is a close up of the darker contouring shades with an easy guide to find the right color to compliment a certain skin tone. They have thought of all undertones in your skin as well such as Neutral, Warm, Cool, Olive and Beige.


Contour book contour kit refills anastasia

Here are the lighter shades from which some can be used for contouring and others to highlight, depending on your skin tone. They also have three shimmery highlighters ‘Champagne’ , ‘Sand’ and ’10K’ to extra acccentuate the highlighted parts of your face. ( such as the bridge of your nose, your chin and your forehead).




Contour book contour kit refills anastasia

Most of the individual Contour Refills will cost 14 dollars and can be placed in the Generic Face palette pictured above. The pans are magnetic so you can switch them up or replace them anytime you want.
If you buy 6 refills the total price will be a discounted 40 dollars Β ( the same price as the original Contour Kit).

I’ve been using the Contour Kit for months now and it is by far the best one I’ve tried. The colors look natural on your skin and stay put for up to 8 hours when applied right and even longer if you want it to. I strongly recommend these as well for all MUA’s out there!


Note: Β Just to be clear, this contour book is made for promotional use only. All of the shades will be sold individually on the website.


Hope you liked my post and if you have any questions comment below or ask away on my instagram @LindastephΒ  xoxo



  • Gerica

    I am so excited about these all being sold individually on the website soon! I love the original contour kit by ABH, but am so excited to expand my H&C palettes for my pro kit. Thank you for sharing!

  • Nonie

    Does anyone know what the peach or orange colors are useful for? The “nude” or “golden peach” would most likely be in my skin tone range.. however, I do not know how I would use it on my face.. Any suggestions? thx babes

    • Lindasteph

      Hi hon!

      Those colors are for contouring as well and compliment certain skintones. If you have fair skin I would definitely recommend, nude, golden peach and vanilla + champagne for the highlighting! Xoxo

    • sofakingpretty

      The peachy/orange shades are to be used as correctors and/or highlighters for darker skin. Using orange over concealer cancels out under-eye circles.

  • Tiffanie SanMartin

    Where can you buy the book from and does it include all of the colors shown or do you have to buy the book and colors separate? Thanks!

    • Lindasteph

      Hi! The book is not for sale, it is made as a promotion item for the launch of the new shades. But you can however purchase them seperately on ( since yesterday) πŸ˜€

  • Neveah

    Hi! So does the contour book come with the purchase of the contour kit or any of the shades presented above?? Thanks!

    • Lindasteph

      Hi! No it doesn’t it was a book made for promotional use only not for sale πŸ™‚ but if you buy 6 shades online they will give you a smaller book ( the black one from my pictures) to hold them in

    • Lindasteph

      Hi! Mellow yellow can be used to correct redness in the skin. It doesn’t look yellow at all when you apply it btw haha πŸ™‚ the more orange the color becomes it’s better to use them underneath the eyes to avoid a grey color after applying foundation. On her website you can choose your skin type and it will show you which shades are recommended for you!

    • Lindasteph

      No that would be too expensive it is for promotion purposes only i’m afraid. You can buy the original contour kit or buy 6 loose pans of your choice and you get a small book with it for free πŸ™‚

    • Lindasteph

      As fas as I know sephora doesn’t sell them at this moment. On the website there are new refills available every week up till now. So when a certain color is sold out there it should be restocked soon!

  • Helene

    Thank you soooo much for all of the information, and for the close ups on the contour book. This answers many of my questions. I wish their website had this type of info. It does suggest 6 shades based on your skin tone range, but this includes two color groups (i.e. tan AND dark/deep), when I primarily wanted colors for my dark/deep tone. Also, I appreciate your comment on how to use the color correction shades. I am so excited to receive my order! Prior to ordering, I created an account online and received 10% off (code: Welcome10).

  • Audrey

    Hi! What colors do you think would be a good fit for someone who uses MAC’s foundation in between NC42 and NC45? I’ve been wanting to get this kit but I am horrible at choosing the right colors. Thank You!

  • Sarah

    What contour/higlight shades are good for light skin? I have light skin, but I use a BB cream that’s light/medium shade and I’m an NW20/NW25 at Mac, but I also have freckles and auburn/red hair so I am never sure which ones to get!

    Thank you!

    • Lindasteph

      Hi Sarah!

      Shades that I would recommend for contouring are ; Nude and Golden Peach, perhaps Peaches & Cream for your cheeks on top of Nude. They are subtle but still give you that contoured look especially over a bb cream or foundation! Good luckkk

  • Charlene

    Ciao Linda! Thank you for this review. I would be grateful if you could send me the following colours swatched next to eachother because I can’t decide which colours to pick: Macchiato, Nude, Camel, Havana. Feel free to send them to my e-mail if you like :o)

  • Hazel

    Do you know where I can get the refill box? I want to buy the contour kit that has 6 of them and share some shades with my friends.

    Thank you!

  • Amanda

    I’m wondering which highlighter shade would be best for my tan/ beige skin tone.. I have the palette that they sell at Ulta but the colors that come with it (banana, vanilla, and sand) aren’t showing at all on my skin..

  • Becca

    Have you ever tried the motivecosmetics contour kit? i’m going between ordering the abh or the motive cosmetics but dont know which is better! xx

    • Lindasteph

      Sorry for the late reply, but yes you can! I sometimes use them as blush too, sometimes I prefer really matte shades as a blush πŸ™‚

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