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Clip in Bangs from Luxury for Princess

Hello Lovelies!


Here is a review for clip in bangs from Luxury for Princess.

I have to say sorry first for not posting more regular I’ve been really busy lately! But if you follow me on instagram  or facebook you will see more of my work!

Having said that, let’s get on with it!  I’ve always wanted to try this hairstyle, so I am very excited about these clip in bangs!
When you open the package, this is what it looks like ( beneath). It has three clips attachted like a triangle. You clip the top one firmly on the crown of your head and the other two on the sides of your hair. If you want you can secure it even better with a couple of bobby pins but it doesn’t  really move or slide once you’ve clipped it in.

luxury for princess-clip-in-bang
I am wearing the color ‘Chocolate brown’. It’s a perfect match to my hair color, but if it’s not a perfect match to yours you can always dye them. They are made from natural hair and available in 11 colors. so there should be one available close to your color.




And this is what they look like! It felt a little strange having bangs in three seconds but it’s definitely a better way to change your hairstyle without cutting your own locks. What do you think? Does this look good on me? 😛

I would definitely recommend these clip in bangs if you are thinking about cutting your hair and want to be sure if it suits you. Or it could be convenient if you would just like to try something new. I tried them again today wearing a high bun, this hairstyle has been seen a lot and is very popular with the celebs. I personally love it, I’m uploading this look to my instagram later today!

If you would like to try them check out  . They are € 39,95 ( 54$ or £32 ) don’t forget to use my code ‘Linda’ at checkout for  a great discount ( € 10, 14$ or £8 ). They ship world wide 🙂


Thanks for reading and have a great day!!





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