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Fullips lip enhancer Review, does it really work?



Hi Lovesss! So today I tried Fullips lip enhancers for the first time. Keep reading for my personal experience with this product for fuller lips!

Who doesn’t want bigger and more plump looking lips? So when I read about this product for the first time I almost thought it was a prank and this product couldn’t really exist. Too good to be true right?
But then I came accross the owner of Fullips on instagram and she offered me the chance to try this for myself.

The kit you see above is what I received in the mail 🙂 It includes three different shapes of Fullips lip enhancers, a small toothbrush, a dark brownred lip liner and a rose pinkish shade of lipstick.


fullips enhancer


This is how it works!

As you can see there is a large round shape, a Medium oval shape and a small oval shape to fit several types of lips. It’s a small sort of cup you put over your lips and by sucking air in you ”seal” that cup to your face and create a suction that will draw more blood to your lips. That will help to get plumper lips in a few minutes.

When your lips are already quite full or big it’s best to use the large round Fullips enhancer, that’s the shape that works the best for me.When you have thinner lips and a wide mouth it’s best to use the medium oval size this size is also perfect for creating more fullness on the lips where it’s needed most ( like if you only want a bigger top lip). The small oval one can be used for more targeted areas where you want extra fullness.


Step 1: Brush you lips with the small toothbrush first to make them nice and smooth. Then place the desired shape over your lips, relax your lips and gently suck bits of air out of the cup ( light suction). When you feel that the cup stays in place keep suction for about 30 seconds. Then check to see if you have reached the fullness that you like.


This picture below is the before pic:



Step :2  As you can see I’m using the large round Fullips lip enhancer. I repeated the suction for 30 seconds about four times. Which comes down to about 2 minutes.


This picture below is during using the Large Round Fullips enhancer:

fullips lip enhancer


Step 3: Check if you are satisfied with the result. Do bare in mind not to go all crazy the first time when you use this product, if you suck too hard it CAN cause light bruising as you are drawing blood to your lips each time you keep suction. So be careful! 🙂


On this picture below is after using the enhancer:



Step 3: After plumping your lips apply a lipstick or moisturiser. You can also use a lip liner to make your lips look even fuller by overdrawing your lips slightly above your natural lip line.


On the picture below I used their lipliner and lipstick to make my lips look even fuller:




Before & After, of course you can keep on repeating the steps if you want even fuller lips. This is the fullness I’m personally comfortable with 🙂

beforefullips afterfullips


So what do I think? Does it really work?

Short answer: Yes! Why? Because it actually created fuller and plumper lips like it promises. My lips stayed fuller for about two hours. The more you will use this trick the longer it will last but I would say the effect lasts about three hours. When you’re not a fan of plastic surgery of lip injections this is definitely a great product for you to try!


Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you have any questions!

You can order yours and get more info on:





  • Helen

    Hi just wanted to ask a question I’ve been using this for 2weeks already really great product just wanted to know if u keep doing this over a month can ur lips stay fuller after time of is it just for a few hours and back to ur owns just wanted to know because I want my lips to stay bigger for ever and have a change and not back to my own?

  • AnneSophie

    Nice review of a good product, but its good marketing tho, you can have the same effect with just a gatorade bottle actually. For the people that cannot buy it because they are from european countries, you can buy it at or you can find it also on EBAY it is less expensive there.

  • Gia

    hi I ordered them and got the combo pack which was a small oval a big round and whah looks like a big oval the only one that my lips fit in to is the big round is there another bigger oval ? Because it does not tell you which size is what.

  • riri

    I just got them and I was thinking it doesn’t work and I was depressed and I didn’t even know how to use them perfectly, but then I tried and the result was amazing! with wearing lipstick on your lips you can have better result ..

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