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Luxury for Princess extensions, review



The extensions arrive in a professional looking package with a handy manual on how to clip them in, the set I’m wearing is 220 grams,
which is their Princess super deluxe set.  The color is number 4, Chocolate brown.
The extensions are shiny, super thick and long. Before wearing them I cut a few inches off first to make it look more natural with my own hair. I personally think that makes them look even thicker, but without cutting them they look gorgeous as well!

The clips are well sown to the band and feel firm when clipped in your hair. When wearing them I even straightened my own hair and they didn’t slip and slide but stayed in place all day. When your hair is naturally super straight you might want to tease the section where you’re clipping them in first.

After wearing them all day they still look great! It wasn’t tangled at all.

If you’re looking for thick high quality extensions I can personally recommend ordering these babies. They ship worldwide and you can use the code ‘linda’ at checkout for a special discount!


What do you think? Do they look gorgeous or what?!





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