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Make-up studio nailpolish swatches S/S 2014

Hi lovelies!

Make-up studio is one of my favorite brands of make-up products. They have amazing quality and I just fall in love everytime I walk in to their shop in my current home town The Hague. Their nailpolishes are no exception!

They have a few new nailpolish lines for S/S 2014 ( spring/ summer) and I would love to introduce you guys to a few of the hottest colors available! ( If you notice the brown marks on my finger, that is Henna I had done for a wedding last week 🙂 )

First off is the ‘Club Tropicana’ collection!


From left to right : Bloody Mary, Purple Haze, Grasshopper, Golden Daiquiri, Blue Lagoon and Tequila Sunrise.
In my opinion they are all quite bold statement colors, perfect to spice up a casual outfit or to match a funkier style. My favorites have to be Bloody Mary and Blue Lagoon, but they are all so pretty! Blue Lagoon and Golden Daiquiri are metallic polishes, also an ongoing trend in the make-up industry.  A huge plus is that all of the polishes pictured above are so easy to apply and the opacity is great. I’ve applied two coats to get this result.


Next up is the ‘Power Flower’ line.


On the left side: Mint Spirit, Tiger Lily and Purple Cosmos. On the right: Bamboo Bush and Peony Pleasure. When you see all these beautiful colors together it makes me think of a flower bouquet, gorgeous. The opacity is great and also easy to apply. Bamboo bush ( one of my fav’s as well) has a bit of shimmer in it, really pretty in person. Unfortunately I couldn’t capture that with my camera.


Last but not least, the ‘Seaside’ line.


From left to right: The Hamptons, St. Tropez, St. Barth and Capri. I’m still wearing Capri and added another coat since it’s a shimmery, more transparent polish. The rest of the polishes are more dense and the opacity is the same as all polishes above. This line really does a good job reminding me of a beautiful Island holding a cocktail and just relaxing, lol.

Overall I think Make-up studio has done a great job creating these colors and I think they will be a big succes! Make- up studio has stores and selling points in over 60 countries around the world. Check out for the one closest to you.






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